about us

Unwind Yoga Studio, was created with the purpose of bringing yoga to everyone, even those who never dreamed of entering a yoga studio. With the growing everyday stresses of life and physical and mental illnesses, Unwind Yoga sees the need for everyone to make time to unwind. With the many benefits yoga has to offer, we want to bring a balance to the people of our community through offering a tranquil, safe space, education and promotion of a balanced lifestyle through the practice of yoga.

Unwind Yoga's focus includes the bigger picture of COMMUNITY! We want everyone to feel at ease here, and if that doesn't just mean yoga, then that's ok! This studio space is truly for every person out there. We are working really hard to bring different types of events to the studio, like detox workshops, lessons on essential oils, or simply the enjoyment of our spa! Please join us whenever and wherever you can and feel comfortable. We want you to be part of our big, happy yoga-family. 

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