*If no temperature is indicated, the room is held between 70-75 degrees.
**Warm indicates a temperature of  78-82 degrees.
***Hot indicates a temperature of 86-94 degrees. 

*Yogis under 18 require parent's signature on waiver
**Yogis under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times
***16 and over for all hot classes - must have a parent or guardian's permission

​****12 and over are able to attend any regular temperature class with an adult


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All Levels Flow: All Levels Flow is just as it sounds! A class appropriate for students of all levels that flows from pose to pose. In each class you may find poses that flow slow, flow more quickly, and/or poses that are held for longer. A perfect balance of strength/flexibility and work/relaxation.

Deep Stretch/Yin: In a Yin practice, we stop and wait and allow the practice to come to us rather than chasing after something, pushing and pulling, we simply sink into gravity so the body can shift, release, and let go! Leave feeling like you have a new relationship with your hips, and low back. Drop in and soften into the sanctuary of the layers of the self. This class is open to all levels and backgrounds, from beginner to advanced.

Restorative Yoga: Come to UNWIND, restore and renew your body mind spirit.  With the focus being meditative, breath work, longer held asanas with the focus on experiencing the pose as opposed to doing the pose, ending with a longer and guided final relaxation.

Slow Flow: Slow Flow will lead you from pose to pose with slowly flowing movements. Strength-based poses are held for a challenge and more relaxing poses are held longer to leave with an increased sense of calm.

Vinyasa Flow: Vinyasa Flow is a style of yoga with a LOT of flowing movement. You may hold some of the bigger, bolder poses for longer, but expect to flow between. This class is made to make you move, make to sweat, and make you connect to your breath, turn inward, and to tune out outside distractions. Modifications and variations will be given.

Yoga Basics: This class is a calming, gentle class designed to help students move through the basics of yoga - proper alignment, breathing, finding strength and flexibility, and deep relaxation. Perfect for beginners who want to become familiar with the basic poses of yoga or for students who want or need a gentler practice.

Yoga Basics & Beyond: This class is perfect for students just beginning their yoga journey, those looking to fine-tune their asana practice, students who enjoy a gentle, simple practice, and yogis who might feel comfortable with the basic yoga postures and want to take their practice to the next step. Instruction will include alignment, breath-work, and relaxation with modifications always available.